Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Theme for February: ROCK STARS!

>Hi friends! January's Funny Person show was great!

Dr. Jim Robinson of Table Salt Productions was my 'practice interview': we learned that time is a porcupine that curls up upon itself. Joseph Scrimshaw of Joking Envelope Productions taught us about Freud and Jonathan Coulton. Butch & Jill of Huge Theater told us about Vegas and how to make giant faces. Brian Beatty ate cake. And finally, BOYTRON kicked ass. SO MUCH ASS-KICKED!

I'm giddy for the next. Our theme for February is ROCKSTARS. And holy crap, we have rockstars!

- Barb Abney of 89.3 The Current!

- Courtney McClean, Rockstar Storyteller and founder of Naughty Billy

- Meg "Aireola" Linafelter, US Air Guitar national finalist

and TBA!

All of that, and improv by BOY TRON! HOLY CRAP! Come join us, friends!


Camilla Parker Bowls (At the BLB)
Thursday February 24th
Curtain at 10 p.m., Doors at 9:30 p.m.
Tickets $6 advance, $8 day of show
Bryant Lake Bowl, 810 W. Lake St, Minneapolis MN